Youth Engagement for Sustainable Development

Serano Africa / Youth Engagement for Sustainable Development

Harnessing Youth Engagement for Sustainable Development

If engaged and supported properly, the youth can become a useful, productive and powerful segment of the population in our society. During the age of sustainable development we have a particular responsibility to carefully think through viable programs that can support the youth and women to become more entrepreneurially skilled and productive at what they do.

 At Serano Africa, we strongly believe that engaging the youth is critical if they are to become effective and active citizens as agents of sustainable development going into the future. In any case they are the people who will embrace the drive of innovative and disruptive technology tools for building and leading our communities in a sustainable way.

The kind of youth engagement we believe in and are working with partners to achieve is categorized into:

  • Economic development Engagement;
  • Social and Community Engagement; and
  • Civic Engagement.

We focus on supporting the youth in our outreach program to gain critical skills and quality training for transformation of life which translates into:

  • Education and Entrepreneurial Development Skills
  • Empowerment of youth
  • Employment of youth
  • Equity and voice for youth

Working with partners we design programs that can help us harness the youth demographic dividend in our country and engage with them in advancing innovative ways of delivering on the sustainable development goals and objectives.

We are committed to supporting this dynamic, energetic and educated yet vulnerable segment to become champions of sustainable development in their universities, colleges, counties, wards, regions, country and continent.