MSMEs Mentorship Programme

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Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Mentorship Programme

The operating dynamics in the market place are fast and constantly changing. Like the proverbial Darwinian natural selection theory only the fittest survive. MSMEs are operating in very turbulent environments that need strong mentorship over time to thrive. In this regard, we work to support you and your business to learn about drivers of growth, management, leadership and simulation to archive and sustain strong growth.

We work with experienced educators and trainers in Entrepreneurship Modeling, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Business Law, Business Modeling, Governance and Innovation to provide the necessary tools within the our Entrepreneurship Ecosystem platform in collaboration to provide professional guidance, evaluation and growing intelligence for effective decision making that will result in the sustainable growth of your enterprise.

The incubation, development and support of sustainable entrepreneurship and micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) is crucial for the creation of quality jobs, increasing employment opportunities and productive economic development.

The MSMEs business mentor-ship program is organized in the context of an Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Hub. The hub ties together six core elements we believe form the focal points around which successful enterprises are organized. The highlighted key points are necessary for an entrepreneurship ecosystem to create a supportive and enabling environment which empowers entrepreneurs to grow and succeed sustain ably. The main themes are:

  • Policy, partnerships and governance
  • Financial services
  • Culture
  • Support service
  • Human Capital
  • Markets

 Research on the development of entrepreneurship has indicated that when MSMEs are mentored, the enterprises are twice as likely to surpass their fifth anniversary of being in business. MSMEs mentorship therefore good for individual entrepreneurs and firms as it enhances the business profitability, sustainability and ability to expand its workforce.

 By providing entrepreneurs and business leaders with mentoring opportunities, they form a network of valuable relationships that inspire and empower them to achieve their personal and business potential. By placing a mentoring culture at the heart of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, we believe that together with our partners and sponsors we can improve and achieve more beyond this statistic and positively change the common trend that only 25-30% of start-ups survive past five (5) years.

Our unique and incomparable mentoring program makes the opportunity of growing a socially sustainable enterprise possible. To join our mentor-ship program get in touch with us on email: