Serano Africa / Agribusiness


We train and work to support stakeholders who want to increase investments and re-engineer growth in the Agribusiness sub-sector. The agribusiness training program builds upon validated Lean Canvas Modeling tools to increase engagements with the creative, energetic and dynamically innovative youth in sustainable economic development. Agri-preneurship has a robust value chain from farming, to research, marketing, retail sales, value addition, packaging, website designing, online marketing, coding, transportation and irrigation that offer a valid avenue to grow personal incomes, expand wealth creation by enterprises and collectively reduce hunger and poverty in households. We are working with rural farmers groups to improve the sustainability of livelihoods in the face of increasing social, economic and physical inequalities, shocks and stresses is doing agribusiness.

Serano Africa is working towards implementing an Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Hubs (AEH) as a mechanism to increase the competitiveness and sustain growth of innovative MSMEs in Agribusiness Development.

The hubs are designed for implementation in the block of Counties for ease of reaching out to large groups especially in the rural areas to spur mechanisms for wealth creation. They aim to advance product, process and business canvas models innovation to translate into viable products and services before taking them to scale.

The Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Hubs are unique from the perspective of their business model and target clientele and holistic service offering, which – although tailored to the specific needs of the target market are practically useful in getting an entrepreneurial ecosystem created to support not just agribusiness growth but also a wide array of enterprises. We work with teams of dedicated officers who are committed to share skills, ideas, knowledge and experiences in training and advanced capacity development programs.