Business and Market Research

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Business and Market Research

Access to Market Intelligence and Analysis that unlocks innovation and drives the growth of market share

Our unique portfolio of tools helps us uncover insights that inform our clients about important mechanisms for remaining both productive and efficient in their industry by applying competitive innovation, design thinking and the Lean LaunchPad models. Business and market research is useful in generating information for reliably modeling businesses and supporting them become sustainable in their growth curves.

 Conversion models
Conversion Modeling provides detailed insights into category dynamics and spending patterns for pinpointing opportunities to attract new consumers, re-win existing ones and optimizing their spending. It uses precise tools for understanding today’s market to predict tomorrow.

We work with Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)and provide technical support for them to improve their entrepreneurial and innovation success by more than six times industry norms with Matrix. This is our systematic approach to identifying and prioritizing incremental opportunities at any stage of the entrepreneurial and innovation journey.


Concept evaluation and validation
Concept evaluation and validation uses Growth Potential and the Lean Canvas Modeling as the key criteria for concept screening, focusing your investment on ideas with the best top-line growth. We work with experienced teams to give our clients value and results. The diagnostics of concept evaluation and validation are essential in improving the impact and catalytic nature of winning ideas in the market place.