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Design Thinking

Design Thinking and Strategy

Business executives and management academics everywhere agree that in a modern economy business value and purpose lies in successfully delivering consistently differentiated consumer delight experiences, true value for money, wide choices, deep understanding of products and services value to transform lives. Businesses have unmatched potential to not only influence and accelerate inclusive growth but also solve complex social development challenges.

We use Design Thinking methodology to solve complex problems and arrive at solutions for our clients. The methodology draws upon a systematic process of engagement, logically building on imagination and intuition to explore possible alternatives in creating desired outcomes that benefit end users – the customers. The tools of the strategy helps firms to determine how to go about what products and services to make, what to do with available resources, why do it and how to contextualize innovations through systematic modeling both for short and long term. The process involves the interplay between products and services design and business delivery strategy.

We live in an age of fast-paced information overload. The age of the internet of things, computing and artificial intelligence (AI). Innovative technologies have disrupted traditional ways of doing business and future business leaders need to be well trained on managing business in rapidly disruptive environments. Businesses have to look far beyond the aesthetics of a product and services and be consumed with the trans-formative value of consumer engagement, customer transformation and value loyalty to drive growth to the second and third business growth curves.

Over time, Design Thinking has proven immensely beneficial to a wide range of business sectors in industry, public service, private corporations and civil society where there’s a desire and ambition to create a better customer experience and drive growth through innovations in products and services or effective operational processes.

Today’s globally integrated economies have a lot of multifaceted challenges. This in part is due to the intricate nature of advancements of complex business models and a new generation of both problems and knowledge. To stay ahead and remain relevant firms spend huge fortunes in doing R&D to facilitate cutting edge entrepreneurial innovations and validated models that are easy to scale up sustainably. This is how we support enterprises seeking to drive entrepreneurial models, innovate for sustainable growth and prosperity.

Serano Africa works with superior teams to offer the best Design Thinking, Strategy Modeling and Capacity Improvement in a catalytic way to support your business to overcome stagnation and remain on the growth curve through the change of business and economic dynamics for inclusive and sustainable enterprises.