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Development Policy Research

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Development Policy Research

We undertake development policy research on a wide range of themes to provide our clients with reliable data for informing the process of decision making. There is no credible alternative for integrated and well researched solutions to complex policy problems that are analyzed using multidisciplinary lenses and methodologies. We are firmly committed to provide reliable data and better understanding to the body of issues that compete for attention in the world of economic development and business of public policy. Drawing from global best practices for local application, we increase the stock of knowledge and technical skills from interdisciplinary perspectives.

Policy Research is an essential component for public and private, local and global firms that are keen on making informed choices either on the basis of productive investments, development financing, supporting growth initiatives, building more inclusive and robust governance units and collaborative partnerships for sustainability. We are deliberate in our efforts that are aimed at making both basic and applied research part of our daily tasks. This is essential if we are to attain the toolkit necessary for solving complexities that constitute development policy and implementation challenges to appreciate the progress we are making.

We have over time built necessary, effective and sufficient capabilities to conduct professional and in-depth research and policy analysis focusing on the African region. We work with various internal and external teams trained in different fields in the Social Sciences. We use available skills and resources to carry out rigorous work which adds value for our clients while enriching our knowledge bank. We are passionate about improving and increasing forums for sharing ideas and knowledge generated on the African continent. This is done in the form of seminars, policy briefs and relevant targeted publications presented in selected conferences.