Capacity Development


Shaping the Future, Changing mindsets: Enriching lives with the power of knowledge to promote sustainable development through training and practical demonstrations in diverse environs:

Development Policy Research

We undertake development policy research on a wide range of themes to provide our clients with reliable data for informing the process of decision making. There is no credible alternative for an integrated and well-researched solutions to complex policy problems that are analyzed from different levels using multidisciplinary lenses, tools,…

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Business and Market Research

Access to Market Intelligence and Analysis that unlocks innovation and drives the growth of market share
Our unique portfolio of tools helps us uncover insights that inform our clients about important mechanisms for remaining both productive and efficient in in their industry by applying competitive innovation, design thinking and the Lean…

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Design Thinking

Design Thinking and Strategy
Business executives and management academics everywhere agree that in a modern economy business value and purpose lies in successfully delivering consistently differentiated consumer delight experiences, true value for…

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We train and work to support stakeholders who want to increase investments and re-engineer growth in the Agribusiness sub-sector. The agribusiness training program builds upon validated Lean Canvas Modeling tools to increase engagements with the creative, energetic and dynamically innovative youth in sustainable economic development. Agri-preneurship has a robust value chain from farming, to research, marketing, retail sales, value addition, packaging, website designing, online marketing, coding, transportation and irrigation that offer a valid avenue to grow personal incomes, expand wealth creation by enterprises and collectively reduce…

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Project Management

Every genius idea needs to be backed with proper management and every management needs to have a thought process that leads to success.
At Serano Africa, we adopt and apply the Kaizen philosophy of continual improvement which makes it possible to achieve and attain progress in project economics of time, level of effort and resources.
We offer wide ranging training in different components of project management. This is meant to equip both individuals and firms with useful skills required in the ever changing world of implementing…

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