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Project Management

Every genius idea needs to be backed with proper management and every management needs to have a thought process that leads to success.

At Serano Africa, we adopt and apply the Kaizen philosophy of continual improvement which makes it possible to achieve and attain progress in project economics of time, level of effort and resources.
We offer wide ranging training in different components of project management. This is meant to equip both individuals and firms with useful skills required in the ever changing world of implementing and managing projects sustainably. We pay keen attention on dynamic and complex implementation of designs, monitoring and evaluation requirements training for giving you long term value for sustain ably.

Sustainable Management of projects has increasingly become the norm for competitive organizations. It is purposeful and deliberate individuals and firms that have both technical and soft skills which will go into the future as successful project directors, managers or as officers by delivering high quality value for time, level of effort, smart financial allocation and policy regulation and guidelines adherence in creating sustainable project management models. Awareness of major considerations in smart development programs is an important requirement for officers whose main job is not Project Management. The capacity development program on Identification, Preparation and Implementation of Sustainable Projects and M&E is a must for all who are conscious of building a sustainable future.

Serano Africa will help you understand and gain practical knowledge and experience in different contexts, the input required, processes and products (CIPP framework) in the training’s we offer. This is also mirrored against essential questions in a project: Why, When, What and How to manage projects at each stage in an inclusive and sustainable manner while aiming to the highest standards for delivery.