About Serano Africa

We provide applied knowledge services on request and demand.

We invest cutting-edge skills and expertise to work with you to competitively advance and strategically align your sustainability policy in supply chains, innovation, development, leadership, adaptable capacity and capabilities in governance, and entrepreneurial outlook with top-line results.

What we do

Our purpose is to add value to human dignity, accelerate inclusive prosperity and sustainable transformation of Africa.

We do this through enriching efforts focused on improving human dignity and quality of life through:

1. Applied knowledge services
2. Policy action research, sustainable investment & development documentation
3. High-level capabilities development/business,
4. Corporate training & consulting in selected sectors in African emerging markets

These collectively create avenues for inclusive prosperity, wealth creation, and support the growth and transformation of local supply chains and communities.

We seek to achieve our mission by

  • Providing quality products and services that meet and surpass the expectations of our partners and clients but also support their change vision.
  • Ensuring proper follow-up and monitoring of feedback loop to prevent cognitive dissonance.
  • Constantly carrying out intensive research to understand market dynamics which helps us to scrutinize our customer’s needs within the spectrum of initiatives we focus on.
  • Ensuring we have highly experienced and quality teams comprising specialists and expert thought leaders who capitalize on their skills and networks to deliver sustainable value and solutions.
  • Focusing on medium to long-term rather than short-term partnerships for business continuity, maintenance, and retention of rewarding networks and relationships.

Our Clients

To deliver on these efforts, we work with and support public & private institutions in Africa to competitively advance and strategically align their core policy, innovation, adaptable capacity, and entrepreneurial capabilities through a fast and deep learning process towards realizing their purpose, enhancing quality in economic transformation, DEPTH in investment and portfolio management, social impact, agility, and sustainability.