Center for Devolution & Development Policy

Making Knowledge Work for Competitive Sustainable Progress

Devolution provides a practical link between democracy and development. Making it work creates the mechanism for ordinary people to translate their political aspirations into tangible transformation in their lives.

Devolution anchors the twin issues of development and democracy in policy implementation and legislative practice without suffering from externalizing ownership from the people to foreign development partners or communities of experts and donors. Devolution makes the politics of development possible and within reach for most people who would otherwise become recipients of aid within the Development Merchant System (DMS) which must pave the way to an endogenous model which propels people as the key agents of development and democracy.

The programs we run at the Center for Devolution Support and Sustainable Development compliment and add beneficial value to a broad range of issues that speak to reframing modalities for building institutions that work responsively to address development implementation and policy problems locally while juxtaposing them with national and global trends of innovation, ideation, solution iteration, harnessing technology, using data to inform long-term scenario planning and related financing for sustainable development which liberates people and enhances their dignity.

Our Focus Areas

  • Supporting Knowledge Generation and Documenting Progress of Developmental Devolution.
  • Examining Policy Implementation and Legislative Oversight between the Senate and County Assemblies.
  • Using Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA Toolkit) to Support County Assemblies on Addressing Institutional Fragility and Service Delivery Challenges.
  • Improving High-Performance Leadership for Competitive Productivity in Sustainable Development Implementation in the Counties.
  • Political Economy Analysis on Fostering National & Human Security within the Devolved System of Governance.

  • Training and Technical Support on Governance & Institutional Development.
  • Monitoring Social Accountability, Evaluation & Learning for Competitive Local Development.
  • Seminar Series in Partnership with Center for Parliamentary Studies & Training (CPST) on Development Policy Coherence, Sustainability & Achieving Impactful Legislative Mandates during Post Covid-19 Recovery.
  • Convening a Premier Annual Conference on Devolution for Sustainable Development.
  • Policy Action Research for Improving Developmental Devolution & Industry Transformation.

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