Global Center for Sustainability & Development Ethics

We run the Center for Sustainability, Human Security & Development Ethics. The Center aims to be a leading focal point for coordination and ownership of collective intelligence for innovating solutions, excellence in intellectual rigor for policy coherence studies, research and coaching for stakeholders working towards addressing inequality, climate change, sustainable health, healthy public policy and sustainable development ethics. We spend our time and concern our efforts with helping organizations create, deepen and realize shared value through the sustainability frameworks.

Our interest is rooted in focusing on helping organizations on the African continent work better to create wealth and solve the bottlenecks that hinder them from achieving their potential.

Developing new knowledge in health policy and inequalities, human security, the political economy of economic transformation, depth in sustainable growth, new patterns of production and consumption, infrastructure development, agile policy leadership and gender,  the future of work and capabilities development are key areas of our engagement and work.

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