Different Areas of Research, Strategy, Capabilities Development, Institutional Growth, Local Governance, Devolution & Sustainable Development Projects

  • Development Policy Governance & Audit/Accountability Framework for Counties
  • High-Performance Leadership, Strategic Management, and Development
  • Global Health Policy, Inequality, and Development
  • Investing in Patient-Centered Healthcare Service Delivery
  • African Sustainable Energy Security, Environment & Climate Change Policy Stewardship
  • Development Systems & Indigenous Transformation of Sustainable Development: The Science and Policy Practice of Resilience Thinking
  • Harnessing the Private Sector in Implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • Political Economy of Devolution: Forging Pathways for Institutional & Sustainable Industrial Development
  • Counties’ Knowledge Needs & Policy Coherence for Sustainable Community Development
  • Results-Focused Programming for Sustainable Development

  • Sustainable Skills for Indigenous Competitive Economic Development
  • Sustainable Environmental Security and Peace for Indigenous Development
  • Integrated Social Policy on Devolution and Sustainable Development
  • Fiscal Decentralization and Public Finance for Sustainable Development
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Consensus Building for SDGs Implementation
  • Enhancing Institutional Capabilities for Implementation and Evaluation of SDGs
  • Governance of Water and Sanitation: Achieving Sustainable Development through Effective Partnerships
  • Public Trust in Fractured Societies: Institutional Culture, Resilience & Strategic Competitiveness
  • The Cooperative Ecosystem & Institutional Development as Strategic Catalysts for Sustainable Development
  • Leveraging Big Data for Innovation in Health, Climate & Sustainable Development

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