Emerging Africa Supply Chains Sustainability Hub

Over the last two years, Covid-19 has made bare the scope and magnitude of supply chains underdevelopment in emerging economies and developing countries.

One then wonders about why our supply chains sustainability strategy and transformation policy is removed from core public policy priorities and development blueprints, yet the broad issues of supply chain take up to 70% of all annual budget allocation.

The initiative on supply chains sustainability aims to harness excellence in innovation and technology for facilitating the integration of premier capabilities development among practitioners and stakeholders involved in rebuilding supply chains in a sustainable and transformative manner. Supply chain thought leadership needs to bring to bear a keen focus on the quality of growth in Africa by advocating for the back-to-back data quality in policy planning and analytics that benefit board-level strategic priorities and decision making for competitive productivity and distribution.

Focusing on R&D within supply chains in emerging markets to generate new knowledge necessary to deepen and enhance the sustainable transformation of supply chains in the context of the Covid-19 recovery process and beyond is a key priority. We are also keen to foster programs, products, and services that support both public and private firms to embed and integrate sustainability practices, enhance learning, ownership, transparency, visibility, accountability, mitigate risk, open new revenue avenues, and foster excellence in reporting sustainability practices and knowledge sharing framework. Further, we support organizations to address business fragility, develop fast and deep insights, knowledge for driving agile and sustainable transformation in supply chains.

Our Focus Areas

  • Fostering High-Performance Leadership & Sustainability Shift in Supply Chains
  • Distinguished Seminar Series on Supply Chains Sustainability & Transformation
  • Women Leadership in Supply Chains in East Africa
  • East Africa Regional Forum on Supply Chain Sustainability in Post Covid-19 Recovery
  • Sustainable Supply Chains, Logistics & Development Policy
  • Sustainability in Global Supply Chains & Logistics Management
  • Sustainable Supply Chains & Public Policy in East Africa
  • Framework for Complex Projects Procurement Audit and Compliance
  • Senior Level Training for County Directors and Senior Managers on Supply Chains Sustainability & Agile Transformation
  • Selected Sector Sustainability Outlook – Publication Series in Emerging Markets

  • Project Management & Supply Chains Sustainability in Construction & Infrastructure Development
  • Capacity Building Programme on Sustainable Public Procurement in East Africa
  • Sustainable Investments in Healthcare Transformation & Health Supply Chains Trade Fair/Exhibitions.
  • Supply Chains Sustainability Index & Analytics Platform
  • Fostering Sustainability Policy Shift in Supply Chains of Energy & Petroleum Services
  • The Sustainability Handbook of Supply Chains in Emerging Markets
  • Knowledge Management on Inclusivity, Diversity & Sustainability in Private Sector Supply Chains & Procurement
  • Sector-based Premier Capabilities Building/Training and Consulting

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