Global Health Policy & Inequality Lab

On the African continent, Covid-19 has bluntly reminded us that a sick sector and underinvests in sustainable public health systems and infrastructure is a policy priority that the region must respond to urgently.

The global public health pandemic has thrust many issues within global health policy and security to the forefront for governments, business corporations, civil society, educational and research communities, and private citizens to consider. Covid-19 has exposed the various layers of vulnerability within global health. Managing emergencies requires critical infrastructure which is progressively being developed. Much still needs to be done if the region is to catch up with other regions that could be doing much better. As a globalizing issue, health requires more specialized skills and assembly lines for manufacturing vaccines beyond what we have appreciated in the past.

We have learned how important it is to create innovative and transformative mechanisms for widening information and knowledge exchange, sharing an economic opportunity to the utilization of available expertise within the health sector. Mutual learning and high performance are important pillars within R&D if the region will become better placed at promoting sustainable human development among the African people. Working with multiple players and actors such as civil society, academia, political, think tanks, business, media, and global partners, we share in the common aspiration of making health a public good that everyone has a right to access and enjoy anytime anywhere on the continent.

Our Focus Areas

  • High-Level Performance Leadership for Supporting Quality Transformation in Health
  • Professional Training in Health Policy, Inequality & Development for Healthcare Professionals
  • Policy Coherence and Knowledge Sharing for Sustainable Investments in Public Health.
  • Global Health Policy, Big Data and AI in Health Services Project.
  • The Economics of Global Health Commodities in Emerging Markets.

  • Tough Choices on Sustainable Investments in Public Health Conference.
    – Global Health Policy & Sustainable Health Investments Knowledge Pack.
  • Building a Partners Coalition to Advance Investments for Research on NCDs.
  • Building Resilience Across Local, National, and Regional Health Supply Chains.

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