Serano Institute of Leadership and Sustainability

Advancing Sustainability Leadership Capabilities for Stakeholder Value Creation

Ideas have the greatest influence on human history. At the Hub, we focus on a range of global sustainability policy ideas that have the highest potential to positively create an ethical and sustainable impact on the quality of growth within Sub Sahara Africa’s long-term development trajectory.

Quality of growth is a process led by competitive production transformation and collective capabilities development that results in the creation of inclusive prosperity, enhancing human dignity, quality jobs, and sustainable structural change over time.

Sustainability is both a practical and long-term approach to organizational management that integrates environmental policy frameworks within it. In some respects, a focus on sustainability is an effort to correct modern management’s errors, steering it away from the abstract realm of financial manipulation and back to the concrete world of physical resources and constraints, which had traditionally been at the forefront of management’s concern on growth.

The principles of sustainability are built on an understanding of human dependence on nature for our well-being. Nature is not protected for its own sake, but for ours; this is a key difference between environmentalists and sustainability practitioners. Taking a cue from the current climate change crisis, physical dimensions of sustainability can no longer be ignored or taken for granted.The ethics and ideas of sustainability stewardship can help us manage our local or global economy well to ensure long-term growth and secure a sustainable material future. We must also remain alive to the ongoing need to have public policies that encourage the collaborative co-creation of knowledge for public and private support, ownership, management, and innovation and accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy during our lifetime.

Our Focus Areas

  • High-Performance Leadership & Organizational Development
  • Higher-Education Sustainability Program
  • East African Forum on the Knowledge Economy
  • Training Program for Directors of Private Schools on High-Performance Leadership & Sustainability Shift in Post Covid-19 Recovery
  • Corporate Governance, Ethics & Entrepreneurship Sustainability
  • High-Performance Leadership & Sustainable Women Run Businesses
  • Agile Institutional Performance & Sustainability Review Index
  • Professional Masterclass Programme
    – Sustainability Policy Shift.
    – Enhancing Corporate Value Through Sustainability.
    – Public Policy, Competitiveness & Sustainable Development.

  • Fostering Climate Resilience & High-Performance Leadership for Social Transformation of Communities
  • Sustainability in Technical & Vocational Education & Capabilities Development
  • Youth Leadership Development for Ending Future Poverty Today
  • Knowledge Management for Sustainable Water Governance Project
  • Sustainability, Agile Leadership & Development Ethics
  • African Coalition of Sustainability Fellows Program

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