SME Innovation & Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises are at the heart of not just the Kenyan economy, they are major drivers of solutions to development challenges globally.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) represent about 98% of all businesses, and more than 80% of Kenya’s working population relies on them for income. SMEs are important actors in the transition of and quality of economic growth and sustainable transformation.

SMEs quintessentially play an active role in fostering income equality and ensuring that benefits from technological change and globalization are more broadly shared for the benefit of all to the remotest villages.

SMEs contributed an estimated 34% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2016. Though mostly informal, SMEs are engines of employment creation, generating 80% of new jobs annually. This makes many governments at both national and local levels recognize the SME sector as a priority area for additional support and development.

It is instructive to further note that SMEs form the base from which many successful national, regional, or global brands have emerged over the years. Many of the successful companies we see today started as SMEs before they became large companies and or multinational corporations.

There is a robust SME ecosystem in the region ranging from legislation to policy framework. However, major challenges that hinder the sustainable growth of SMEs to global acclaim and competition remain. These include but are not limited to challenges on the quality of growth and sustainability but also mapping what has worked and has the potential for scaling up. Within the SME ecosystem, examining the funding outlook (access to affordable blended finance), technical skills and tailored training for competitive productivity and sustainability, emerging insights/research, and knowledge pool to support SMEs, overall operating environment (competition, legislation, taxation, and other professional support services), and technology (rapid changes in technology adoption and local relevance).

Our Focus Areas

  • Baseline Mapping of SME Support Ecosystem and Sustainability in Post Covid-19 Recovery
  • Technology Powered Growth, Big Data, IoT Infrastructure, Service Delivery.
  • Disruption, Innovation & Competitiveness for Sustainable Entrepreneurship.
  • Impact Investments for Ending Future Poverty Today.
  • Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs.
  • Blended Finance for Sustainable Development

  • Youth Leadership Capacity Development & Sustainable Entrepreneurship
  • Blended Finance, Project Financing and & Stakeholder Value Development.
  • High Human Performance, Shared Prosperity & The Second Curve.
  • SMEs Transformation & Industry Sustainability Index

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