Strategic Affairs & Fragility Assessment Lab

Using Strategic Capabilities to Engineer Stability in Fragile Regions

Why does the development process depend so crucially upon peace and security? How could we foster national security within the devolved system of governance in Africa? Like many cases in developing countries show – they account for 80% of the world population but only 20% of global production.

Africa’s challenge in the 21st century is to turn around the Development Merchant System which has choked the region’s capabilities to address the triple crisis which characterizes conventional failure: the crisis of the state; the crisis of the market and the crisis of science.

Important intellectual and policy practice issues become apparent when examining national security because of the devolved system of governance. Security is not one of the fourteen devolved functions in the Fourth Schedule of the Constitution of Kenya. What reconfiguration is required to foster the realization of national security within the new governance system? This is an important question because devolution’s objects and principles as outlined in articles 174 and 175 respectively speak to the critical re-engineering of governing Kenya as article 6 provides. Territorial integrity is a major aspect of national security.

Article 238 articulates the essential principles of national security which provides for among others the focus on the Kenyan people, their sovereignty, integrity, and prosperity, among others. The organs and agencies of national security are created in article 239. Part 2 of chapter 11 of the constitution i.e., article 176 provides for the institutions within the devolution system: county executives and assemblies. Within this outlook, where does devolution fall, and how does it improve and strengthen our national security framework?

Our programming at the Center for Strategic Affairs & Fragility Assessment delves deeper into these challenges. We adopt a home-grown problem-centered and data-driven innovative thought leadership and approach to address Africa’s issues of strategic nature and progress. We bring to bear the tools of expert review and engagement that appreciate both the past and future of Africa’s sustainable human development in shaping the design and deployment of our services and products. We work with partners across the region on security and fragility assessment based on emerging VUCA realities.

Our Focus Areas

  • Professional Masterclass Training on:
    – Strategic Policy Issues, Security & Development Transformation
    – High-Performance Leadership in Devolution, Security, and Development.
    – Global Security and Emerging Markets Development Policy
  • Policy Action Research on Fragility Assessment for Advancement of Human Security and Development Transformation in Eastern Africa.

  • Africa Regional Annual Conference on Security and Development.
    – Examining the Changing Nature of Security, Fragility, Conflict and Sustainable Economic Transformation.
  • Handbook on Sustainable Security and Development in Africa.

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