Strategic Communications & PR Lab

Advancing Quality Leadership Capabilities for Stakeholder Value & Sustainability

This initiative handles and focuses on Development Research, Documentation, Handbooks & Knowledge Exchange Packs that are strategically processed and published to enhance the portfolio of partners and clients we work with and support.

We exist to offer unmatched, premier, and high-quality expertise in regional portfolio conceptualization, design, development, and processing of strategic public relations and communication products and services for elevating the geostrategic positioning of various African countries, corporates, and entities in the emerging markets.   We work within the LAGICS model in collaboration and linkage with Academia, Government, Industry (Private Sector), Civil Society, and

Sponsors (development partners/foundations/philanthropies).

Documenting profiles and capturing the rich and dynamic histories, innovative solutions to problems, and lessons of leading local, national, and regional enterprises and entrepreneurs in emerging markets provides useful lessons for learning and mentorship for already established practitioners but also new and emerging players.

We package this knowledge into well-researched Handbooks and Knowledge Packs that are easily accessible for both technical and non-technical audiences.

Further, we run a range of premier Sustainability Handbooks that focus on deepening sustainable knowledge management and as information-sharing platforms for high-value brands in the emerging markets region.

Key publication areas

  • The Sustainability Handbook on Supply Chains in East Africa
  • The Sustainability Handbook of Healthcare Transformation
  • The Handbook on Sustainable Water Governance
  • Handbook on Sustainable Security and Development Transformation
  • Sustainability Handbook of Energy & Petroleum Services in East Africa

  • The Sustainability Handbook of Higher Education in East Africa
  • The Sustainability Handbook of Construction & Infrastructure Development
  • The Handbook on Sustainable Insurance and Brokerage Services
  • The Sustainability & Investment Portfolio of Nairobi Metropolitan City
  • The Enterprise Map of East Africa: Deepening Regional Trade, Investment & Industry Development

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