The Sustainability Handbook on Supply Chains in East Africa

The Kenya Institute of Supplies Management (KISM) is a public entity established under the “Supplies Practitioners Management Act No.17 of 2007” to promote “learning, development of best practices, and application of the same to the practice of procurement and supply chain management”. It licenses and regulates the Procurement and Supply Chain Management profession in Kenya.

The Institute has collaborated with Serano Africa to design, publish and produce an authentic and authoritative Sustainability Handbook on Supply Chains in East Africa that will document the important transformations, resilience, big data analytics, and sustainability in supply chains in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and related recovery efforts.

The Handbook is part of our Applied Sustainability Knowledge Management and Transformation Services which aims to document and share the vast institutional knowledge, practice, experiences, and strategy policy shifts that are shaping the quality of investments and competitive productivity in emerging markets supply chains.

We are looking towards partnering to support your efforts in growing creative, agile, locally competitive, and sustainably transformative supply chains and attainment of your corporate strategic priorities.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership in the strategic collaboration towards sustainability knowledge advancement and promoting the development of supply chains in East Africa for resilience, value-based, inclusive & people-centered prosperity.

The Handbook will serve to

  • Provide agile sustainability thought-leadership for championing best practices in the emergent industry 4.0 realities of supply chains, logistics, and procurement practice.
  • Become a dynamic platform for sharing quality knowledge and cross-industry experiences among practitioners in response to post-pandemic recovery.
  • Elevate the supply chain practice as an integral and important function in delivering sustainable business value and successful implementation of corporate strategy.

  • Leveraging and amplifying authentic and premier brands that are transforming the quality of life in East Africa through their supply chains and investment portfolio.
  • Celebrate trusted supply chains and marketing tools for investment opportunities that add value to national sectors for the creation of inclusive prosperity and regional industry developments.

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