Who We Are

Serano Africa / Who We Are

Our Vision

To efficiently realize integrated and sustainable transformation of Africa’s development and its people.

Our Mission

Committed to providing quality products and services that advance and enrich the value of investments for the sustainable development and transformation portfolio of the African continent.

At Serano Africa, we focus on the pillars of prosperity that shape the depth of socio-economic and political development using a rich breadth of expertise in the analysis and technical support to organizations, agencies, and institutions within public and private sectors and in the profit and not for profit portfolios in Africa. We provide professional management and support services required for the long-term investments in the sustainable transformation of Africa.

We are an Africa based strategic think and do thank that is working on expanding investments necessary for sustainable economic, social and political development of the continent and its people.  The organization focuses on the sustainable transformation of Africa through knowledge sharing, research, consulting, training, political, ecological and sustainable development. The organization was registered in March 2014 by the registrar of companies with the main objective of advancing sustainable development through devolution, social entrepreneurship and capabilities development. Our main work is to invest in the sustainable transformation of Africa.

We work with Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), County Governments, Social Innovators, Research & Higher Education Institutions, the Private Sector and Civil Society Organizations.

At Serano Africa, we are deliberately Persuasive, Bold, Committed & Persistent. We passionately encourage and empower people and institutions to turn their ideas & ingenuity into reality. We also use the power to convene to make important things in sustainable development policy, development strategy, institutions & sustainability happen.